Martyn Bates & Max Eastley – Song Of Trasformation

Martyn Bates & Max Eastley, Song Of Trasformation

CD – Musica Maxima Magnetica
Tangled tones, ‘organic’ instruments, organized in a resonating electroacoustic setting by Max Eastley, skilled in conjugating Martyn Bates’ intense voice, modulated on traditional folk airs, with more ethereal arrangements, sensitive and experimental in a different way. Here, the ‘natural’ and ‘symbolic’ elements are treated like an always available code, a transformative experience devoid of any nostalgic tentation, a metaphor of remarkably expressive personal landscapes. It’s not just a ‘folk song’, then: it’s a well-thought intellectual and emotional choice, enlightening in its primeval articulations and magic ballads, masterfully filled with melody and pathos. There are nine tracks, recorded in 1997 for Virgin Records (in the middle of the ‘Isolationism Music’ period) and that are only now available, published by Musica Maxima Magnetica.