Roam The Hello Clouds – Near Misses

Roam The Hello Clouds

CD – Scape
Trumpets, drums, samples and electronic effects articulated in a minimalistic and experimental cut-and-paste. Jazzy frequencies, rebuilt in more contemporary forms, thanks to the help of Dave Miller’s laptop, together with Laurent Pike and Phil Slater, skilled in combining in a more conceptual and structured way the improvised ideas which arise during the interaction. We can’t imagine how this trio, with ‘Near Misses’, will be received (by the public and critics) and how much the ‘enhanced jazz’ concept could interact today with the culture and peculiarities of its parent genre, which has been quite close-minded and unfriendly towards contaminations lately. It’s a fact, however, that these ten tracks, released for the Berlin-based label Scape, the result of a single day of sessions, are very enjoyable, thanks to the well-established influxes but also to the artists’ willingness to evolve their respective styles.