Various Artists – Elffriede / Soundrawing

Various Artists

CD + Book – Transacustic Research
This project began as a very simple idea. Elffriede, a visual artists collective from Vienna, invited 34 musicians, from all over the world, to compose 34 two minutes long pieces as soundtracks for pictures that were specifically drawn for this event and were then collected in a colorful but minimal book, built around a strong interaction between text and images and with a naïf graphical style. The result is quite enjoyable and inspired. Even with this deliberate fragmentation and the wide stylistic range of the sounds, spanning from soundscapes and field recordings to electro-acoustic and audio-digital explorations, all the threads seem to come together in a sound which is the sum of the parts, with little differences, thanks probably to the final touch of Martin Siewert, who painstakingly cut and mastered everything, reducing beats, clicks and cuts, acoustic and electronic instruments and songs with skills and care which have many things in common with the art of drawing, where the brush strokes may look flamboyant, but were always ‘well thought out and sedimented’ before.