Nad Spiro – Tinta Invisibile

Nad Spiro

CD – Geometrik
With the Nad Spiro moniker, Rosa Arruti experiments with electronic concatenations, drones and hypnotic melodies, full of click’n’glitch elements. Subdued ambient atmospheres in the space airs and the sound-design reminiscent of her recent collaboration with the director David Lynch. Dilated in their background sounds, exuding samples and hallucinated atmospheres, dream-like, the sequences which make up this ‘Tinta Invisibile’ rearrange themselves in a continuous, perfect imaginary sci-fi soundtrack. It’s a really interesting production, narcotizing, obscure, undecipherable and seductive, with the collaboration of Victor Sol – as well as Kim Cascone, in ‘Eyetv’, the last ‘ultrasonic’ track.