Game Culture, digital games in contemporary art and culture in Novi Sad.

Game Culture

The so called ‘game culture’ is becoming a vast cultural territory that from its pop influences to the academic ‘videogame studies’ it has spread the attention on the videogame culture all over. Game Culture / The world of digital games in contemporary art and culture is a properly named exhibition, symposium and workshop held in Novi Sad (Serbia) at the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina starting 4 October. It will range from the development of games through Open Source software (including the Ludex Open Source Game Operating System) to the social, political, aesthetic and educational potential of videogames. In the exhibition twenty of the most significant works dealing with game are showed. The artist involved are: AES + F, Alon Tzarafi, Afkar Media, Fiambrera, Gonzalo Frasca, Jodi, Molleindustria, Personal Cinema, Persuasive Games, Robert Praxmarer, Serious Games Interactive, Tale of Tales, Vladan Joler, Vladimir Todorovic and Urtica.