@C & Vitor Joaquim – De-Tour

@C & Vitor Joaquim

CD – Feld
The result of the collaboration of Miguel Carvalhais, Pedro Tudela and Vitor Joaquim, three extreme digital experimenters, the ideal setup for creative improvisations, the different experiences of this ensemble, who toured Germany in 2005, are the foundations from where new montages and manipulations of those sounds are composed. Abstract cuts which aren’t a mere travel journal, but real, new tracks inspired from the live performances. Because, in the era of real-time electronica, preparing ad-hoc devices (be they software or hardware) is a new form of music composition in itself, which is here particularly decisive in the superimposition of layers, clicks, drones and glitches. The ‘De-Tour’ then becomes a ‘détournement’, the reuse of well-known elements in new strings, an altered sequence, the act of recovering new possible interpretations.