Aaron Gerber – Six Twilights

Aaron Gerber

CD + DVD – Own Records
Shreds of skin, landscapes and contrasts, fluctuating words, sweet lullabies, then fleeting shadows, familiar abstractions and novels: an aestheticization of everyday things that follows many forms and private paths in the suggestive and rarefied images of ‘Six Twilights’, following Aaron Gerber’s airy acoustic-electronic elaborations, interwoven with equally delicate lyrics, articulated as ambient atmospheres in the vocal interpretations by the author himself, Liz Isemberg and Zoe Wright. It’s a visual continuum made possible by Orland Tirado refined cinematography, expressed with talent in a video project full of nostalgia and enchanted wonder: sequences imprinted into the time intervals that define, each in a different way, the ‘concept’ of dusk during six hours a day.