Still Open, open source culture in Australia

Still Open

Open Source is a philosophy more that a revolutionary methodology for producing software. This concept seem to be embraced in Still Open a series of forums and workshops organized by ANAT (Australian Network for Art and Technology) from 5 to 16 September. The program will take place at the Digital Harbor in Melbourne, at the Bakery Complex in Perth and at the Judith Write Centre in Brisbane and will involve Beatriz da Costa, that will teach how to use various hardware sensors and devices to check pollution levels around, that she used in the provocative Pigeon Blog project (based on Arduino). Andy Nicholson will instead concentrate on Python, as the new ‘agile’ FLOSS language, Twisted, a networking framework and Django, a web app framework, demonstrating then EngageMedia/ video sharing site technologies. Elliot Bledsoe of Creative Commons Australia will explain the licenses and their philosophy. And Alessandro Ludovico will talk about digital and printed independent publishing and how networking and sharing knowledge are essential to make sustainable publishing models, even for a new publications, like an open source culture magazine would be.