Luc Ferrari – Didascalies

Luc Ferrari, Didascalies

CD – Sub Rosa / Audioglobe
The ‘lamentation’ was a musical and literary genre, Guy Marc Hinant of Sub Rosa reminds us, very popular in Europe between the fourteenth and sixteenth century (as well as being mentioned in the Bible and in Greek tragedies), where poets and musicians, in a sort of cathartic transmutation of spiritual pain, used this art form to commemorate the death of a loved one. In the active remembrance of the original work of the Parisian composer and experimenter, who was one of the founders of the ‘concrete music’ movement, are the premises of this release which puts together ‘Rencontres Fortuites’, ‘Didascalies’ and ‘Tautologos III’, two of his last piano, viola and electronic pieces, and an open-ended one, which were the main pieces of a concert held in 2005 at the Boendael Chapel in Brussels. This material was then cut with the supervision of Luc Ferrari himself, in the Bréme Studios and at the National Center for Musical Creation ‘La Muse en Circuit’ just one month before his death. Thus, the traditional instrumental sequences become even more melancholic, intertwined with the delicate digital dissonances and noises, articulated in restless melodies according to a precise progression of musical events, examples of a sound universe which is perhaps slow in embracing change, but is nonetheless everchanging.