Frank Bretschneider – Rhythm

Frank Bretschneider

CD – Raster Noton
Rhythm is always essential in its intrinsic conception. It’s what you add to it (or don’t) that makes the difference, and this is made all the more true these days, especially in dance music, by many low-quality productions with no original ideas. It’s not enough to take out every element and reduce the sounds to the bone. This is not the case in this wonderful work by Frank Bretschneider, which can only transversally be assimilated to the most interesting minimalism, for the essential nature of its shapes, which are nonetheless articulated in an extremely complex way transcending every genre in a progression of hard and strategical oppositions. Very stylized percussive patterns, a thousand miles (or a thousands plateaus, to use a Deleuzian metaphor) away from the many current trivializations, which don’t go well together with the fuzzy sides of existence and the tribal funk, which is here skillfully reduced to binary information strings, to elliptical abstract sequences, rarefied but concrete in their effective concatenations and the thousands explored streams.