Limmat – Municipal 44

Limmat, Municipal 44

CD+DVD – Cocosolidciti – csc15
With the collective moniker of Limmat, the video and animation artist Graham Clayton-Chance and the electronic musician Ian Heywood have released ‘Municipal 44′ for Cocosolidcity, a project divided between a dvd and audio cd, but strongly coherent in its combinatorial use of sounds and images both aspects of this production are based on. Structures that, in their complex visual richness, manifest the authors’ ‘deconstructionist’ attitude, strongly influences by their attraction towards urban landscapes and the intimate relationship people have with these spaces. The animations were created by digitally rendering views of Brutalist architecture, putting together hundreds of pictures taken at the Trellick Tower in London, at the National Theatre, at the Pimlico School and at the Roehampton Estate. All photos were deprived of some of its main architectural and geometric characters, then recombined to form details of the authors’ work, ‘wrapping’ the architectures around figures (multiple characters, iteratively animated) in a three-dimensional axonometric animation space. The final result converges towards a dystopic sci-fi story, stemming from the idea that nature won’t take back our planet, in a return to the origins (or to post-humanity, as in ‘We Are all Drifring’, by Julio Soto), but that pieces of architecture will invade the Earth: an apparent exhasperation that, especially in some Asian cities, doesn’t seem all that unlikely.