Greg Malcom & Tetuzi Akiyama – Six String

Greg Malcom & Tetuzi Akiyama, Six String

CD – Korm Plastics
These productions are the result of the collaborative work carried out in Extrapool’s studios, in Nijmegen, Holland. They are eight delicate compositions, improvisational guitar sequences by Greg Malcom & Tetuzi Akiyama, juxtaposed in sensitive acoustic harmonies to follow the original spirit ofFrans De Waard’s project: the meeting of different musicians and approaches to sound research, meticulously organized around his well-stocked home-laboratory. Hybrid forms who don’t reject the pillars of the electroacoustic tradition, but can go beyond them, with a new instrumental performative flow which follows the sound-art inspirations of the new-electronic scenes. Blissful chords, very simple but never plain in the iterations of the two guitars (sometimes with other ‘prepared’ instruments), minimal evocative structures, modulated volumes and quiet insisted atmospheres, inspired, in ‘Life On It’s Way’ and ‘Nijmegen Duck’, by the experimental jazz musician Steve Lacy.