Dunaewsky69 – Xquisite. Xcerpt

Dunaewsky69, Xquisite. Xcerpt

CD – Kvitnu
From electronic Ukraine, supported by Dmytro Fedorenko’s label (Kotra) and with Zavoloka as the author of the artwork, here’s this ‘Xquisite. Xcerpt’, the second project of Dunaewsky69 (Olexandr Gladun), an artist from Kiev who’s also the author of ‘Contiguity’, an album made in 2004 and released for Shaped Harmonics. These new elaborations are built around harsh frequencies and beats with gentler superimposed soundscapes and improvisational moments resulting in a sensitive and highly reactive mix, even though there are some rough spots, probably due to the grind-core past of this author. The different parts are very well balanced, though, probably thanks to the author’s knowledge of the eastern European scenes, rich in talented musicians and producers, and active also in festivals and events more oriented towards live performances.