Burkhard Stangl / Taku Unami – I Was

Burkhard Stangl

CD – Hibari Music
This album was recorded partly in Cristoph Amann’s studios in Wien and partly from live acts at the Kid Ailack Art Hall in Tokyo, in 2003 and 2004, then edited by Taku Unami herself, who designed all the musical structures in the interaction between computers and objects, seconded by Burkhard Stangl with (not too) traditional improvisational techniques on several guitars (like a ‘double-necked contraguitar’). Four tracks, which have the same title as the album, ‘I Was’, but are followed respectively by one, two, three and four ellipses, almost to stress the ethereal and serial nature of this work, made of small insisted variations, reminiscent of a certain improvisational experimentation that, as an analytical application, explores all the possible combinations of elements and effects in real time. Sound clusters that, wrapped in obscure and delicately dissonant melodies, between ticks, clicks and pauses, evolve to shrill buzzes or to almost organic emergencies, only to go back, with a touch that’s only apparently hesitating, but is instead very skilled and the result of a long experience with music.