Spyweirdos – Wetsound Orchestra


2CD – Poeta Negra
Between clicks, drones, glitches and suspended melodic elements, the new project of Spyweirdos (the moniker of Spyros Polychronopoulos) is unraveling in a very fluid way, with clear and sensitive experimental geometries, suggestive and esoteric, often mixed with 4/4 sequences, but still far from unclear crossovers and minimal-techno music. The sound quality is also shaken (more rarely) in fractured scans, then revisited with different interpretations in the remixes, involving important artists with very diverse productive histories, if we consider that we move from Alva Noto to Funckarma, from Ollie Olsen to Octex and everything is mastered by Murcof. Overall, a very interesting release, and the artwork, too, as is always the case with Poeta Negra, is beautiful, this time designed by Altervision using a photo by Heinz Troll.