Silicon Scally – Bioroid

Silicon Scally

CD – Satamile

This is Silicon Scally’s (aka Carl Finlow) second album which, after ‘Dark Matter’, articulates again effective electro sequences marrying the traditional sounds of this music genre in more refined and ‘glitched’ forms, rich in future-funky and sci-fi contaminations. Thick iterated and machine-like rhythms, a consequential evolution of a modus operandi leaning heavily towards these fronts (like in his other projects with the Random Factor and Voice Stealer monikers). Between the contemporary folds of close and syncopated musical structures, there are also melodic elements and robotic romanticisms (in line with the ‘dark and dandy’ appeal of the first musical and synthetic waves). Grafts that, in their complexity, together with ambient characterizations, create an interesting union of audio forms and suggestions.