Hecq – Hecq.0000


2CD – Hymen
Hymen Records, a sublabel of the seminal Ant-Zen, has again released a record by Hecq (also known as Benny Boysen), a mature artist who composed four albums in just five years, after taking a break in 2006. It’s perhaps the best work by this artist, who now succeeds in collimating abstract and IDM influences, wrapping them in ambient insertions and syncopated electronic sounds, which is always hard to do when minimalism shies away from simple iterations to embrace visionary rhythmic whirls. Tense atmospheres, always sensitively resolved in an alternation of moods, action and jumps, which, even in the second CD, which contains remixes, a true operation of conceptual rewriting (detached from the urge to compose tracks for other stylistic contexts), come to light, involving both new and already famous artists (Snog, Nebulo, Newt and Ginourmous).