Yoshio Machida – Naada

Yoshio Machida

CD – Amorfon
No electronic stuff, this time. Just an acoustic improvisation using different ‘steel pans’, very peculiar percussion instruments typical of the Caribbean, in Machida’s first projects, turned into audio samples and processed with the Max/MSP software. In ‘Naada’, the result gives birth to more natural atmospheres, mystical and dream-like, halfway between indian music and the minimalist avant-garde. ‘Texas Vino’, the second track, divided into three sections, is explicitly inspired by Eric Satie’s ‘Vexations’. The other tracks, too, are very polished in their meditative and delicate sequences, articulated in fascinating over-dubs that mix apparently distant sound textures, calibrating them in a gentle melodic approach, in reverberated ‘overtones’, in the typical spiritual tension of the artist’s own cultural background, with an eye to contemporaneity but very respectful of traditions.