Keene – The River And The Fence


CD – Poeta Negra
What immediately stands out in the artwork of Keen, an audio-visual project by Dimitris Mitsiopoulos, Kostas Glazias and Haris Martis, is the setting of the cover photo, taken at the Prada Epicentre Store in Tokyo. The sound concatenations of this trio seem just as pure as the abstract and crystalline geometries of the fabulous work of the Swiss architecture firm Herzog & De Meuron, dilated in post-ambient textures and obscure acoustic-digital sequences. It’s an intense work for its narrative content, often melancholic but never trite, suspended in space suggestions reminiscent of the musical aesthetic of 4AD and kraut rock. Dream-like and experimental atmospheres modulated with great quality and rigor in its different passages, which are particularly elaborated in the additional production and mastering steps, too.