Jean-Francois Laporte – Soundmatters

Jean-Francois Laporte

CD – 23Five
An almost mystic sensitivity pervades, in this project, the multifaceted inspiration of Jean-Francois Laporte, a French-Canadian electro-acoustic experimenter. The first track, ‘Electro-Prana’, is calibrated on pretty ‘physical’ and ‘classical’ bases for this kind of musical research, since it investigates the sound quality, auditive combinations and the suggestions of the wind in closed spaces, going across doors and windows, modulating intensity and tone. In ‘Boule qui Roule…’, with a space minimalist form, the composition, which starts from the manipulation if a single computer sound made by a Silicon Graphics machine, is very rigorous. One shouldn’t let himself be carried away by the author’s (who studied civil engineering and composition) synthetic mantras, because, in these fascinating sounds there’s a strong scientific attitude together with the need to explore the reality in its more intimate and unexpected folds.