Emanuele Errante – Migrations

Emanuele Errante

CD – Apegenine
Very intimate sounds that evoke natural landscapes, these by Emanuele Errante in ‘Migrations’, confirming, after his previous experiences with the moniker Mais and the ‘Absolute’ EP (for Maetrixsolution), true post-ambient attitudes. These are experiments and iterated electronica that
walk down the path of a dream-like visionary inspiration, rarefied in its use of sensitive loops. Almost lullabies, abstract nursery rhymes that point at the author’s Mediterranean and Neapolitan origins. This release also features the contribution of the video-artist Mattia Casalegno (who leads the Kinotek project), skillful in articulating abstract juxtapositions of images and sounds that he brings also to his audio-video live sets.