Semiconductor – Worlds in Flux


dvd – FatCat Records – fatsp14dvd
Ruth Jarman and Joseph Gerhardt are very inspired animators. Actually they use ‘motion’ as a complex language, expressing meanings instinctively perceivable. It’s not by accident that they define some of their work as ‘sound films’. The sensitiveness to movie narrative and the importance to correlate aural and visual events is evident in every work, as the noise and light lilted from beautiful rhythms in the commissioned Brilliant Noise series. Nothing seems random and everything seems weighed up, always titillating our perceptions with very focused stimuli. A partial ambiguity is one of their favorite themes as showed in an interview about science at large, made to different researchers and professors with a long sequence of partial answers, mostly doubts and uncertainties, that in the end are settled as open questions. Versatile but always coherent in style and visual options Semiconductor are definitively placed in our personal hall of fame of digital cinematic artists.