Radium 88 – Only Science Can Tell Us The Truth

Radium 88

CD – Latek
Extremely melodic electronic elaborations, these by Tim Thwaites, Matthew Clare, Jema Davies and Clare Hunt, also known as Radium 88. They’re imbued with melancholy and drone ambient sounds, following a rarefied spatial surreal mood, not without gentle trancey influences, synth-pop or ethnic allusions, very personal stylistic attitudes, always between many genres, neither purely experimental nor leaning towards more traditional live music. Metaphorically, they’re between Philip Glass and The Orb, crossing Depeche Mode and the original ambient music. The end result is enjoyable, thanks to its fluctuating transitions and well-dosed acoustic and digital mixes, even though the feeling of a too solemn taste, more sugary than cyber, considering the sci-fi inspirations, pervades the atmospheres.