Bent Object and FoAM – In Human Format

Bent Object, FoAM

dvd – Foton – ISBN 9081078216
In the ‘In Human Format’ project the abstract and oneiric images by Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney (aka FoAM) are elegantly synchronized with the smoothly articulated, minimal electronic sounds by Peter Van Hoesen and Susanne Bentley (Bent Object). There’s a clear attitude towards highlyexperimental music compositions, diluted in caesurae, and resonating of clicks, glitches and frequencies in ambient area between subtle evolutions and melodic hints. Fractured beats, extremely cut samples and noise that only sporadically evolve into groove accretions. The vocal parts are pronounced clearly as subliminal announcements, supporting the picture’s mix, made out of abstract, computer-based and almost organic frames. It seems to watch hypnotic moving shadows, inseparable by the sounds, but anyway fascinating. Their abstract rigor merges bodies and lines into alien textures from which the philosophical warnings suggested by Suzanne Bentley persuasively emerges. Audiovisual stimulus, flash made out of dazzling forms, that slowly conquer the user through an erratic involvement. Track number four is the most captivating one, showing off a leftfield pop attitude, coupling with the last track, an episode that would easily face even a techno yard.