Rosy Parlane – Jessamine

Rosy Parlane

CD – Touch
Three long recordings, as in the ‘Iris’ debut album, bless again the elegant fruitfulness of Rosy Parlane. And again her sounds are presented with the refined Jon Wozencroft artwork: the charm of the images seem to suddenly suggest a more organic inspiration, with an iterated structure. The forms are lively with a metallic substratum, that relates everything to a hefty nature, where earth is a primeval and pulsating core. An amalgam of sounds that flows, with drones, subdued frequencies, micro emergencies made out of amplified rustlings, that slowly come into life. There are hints of mystical ritual music, almost spontaneous fruits of energy that springs and then drains away. In the third suite there’s a choral and harmonious intro that holds the stage, almost classical but suddenly besieged by effects, cracks ad resonances. It’s a suspended tale, that lies over a sort of dragonfly movements (to the latter some natural / synthetic processing seem to hint at), while all around the complexity of everything unfolds in epic tones, with its charming strength.