Perlonex, Keith Rowe, Charlemagne Palestine – Tensions


CD – Nexsound
Perlonex is an electro-acoustic trio founded in 1998 made up by Ignaz Schick, Jorg Maria Zeger and Burkhard Beins. On the occasion of the Perlonex’s fifth live concerts anniversary they have involved for a commemorative live two other interesting musicians: Keith Rowe and Charlemagne Palestine. They come from different areas rooted in the twentieth century avant-garde tradition. Rowe was in the improvisation ensemble AMM, and before in the fifties some seminal experiments with prepared guitar. Palestine, contemporary of Philip Glass, Terry Riley and Steve Reich, is well known for his performances (and amongst them the one in Rome with Musica Elettronica Viva in 1966-1971), his pianistic experiments and especially his belonging to the minimal American movement. The latter induced him to use tapes, carillon and structuring entire compositions on drones and tonal variations, influenced by the Cage theories, so anticipating the most of the current researches in electronic music. Two cds, with all the tracks live recorded at the Berlin’s Podewil in September 2004 by Christian Malejka, without any editing or added overdub. A faithful, poetic and resonant account of how different generations of researchers can meet when the conceptual basis are then shared and established.