Herbert – 100 lbs

Herbert, 100 lbs

CD – !K7 / Audioglobe

This is a reissue of one historical Matthew Herbert records: ‘100 lbs’, printed in 1996, that was the summa of three different former works. This version add to the original content more tracks and a bonus disc, with stuff of the same period never released before or quite rare now. These were thegolden years for house music, that started its viaticum (that is still going on) to more rarefied atmospheres. It was injected with experimental antibodies in one of the most viral entertainment forms of the planet. They were seminal sounds for sure, in a historical moment when there was a lack of certain mixtures. At that time talking of ‘rigor’ about house music was related to an elite. Now the situation is quite different involving conformed masses, as its happening now in the western world peripheries, while in London or in Berlin the wave of ‘minimal delicious’ is confined to the diy tourist of older young circles. From then on a lot of water has flowed under the bridge and the celebrated Matthew Herbert transmutes from the first groove and downbeat appetites with Dani Siciliano, to the dance-pop infatuations, till the actual role of flawless author with the subsequent very important releases widely renewed. But this is quite another story.