Chris Watson & Bj Nilsen – Storm

Chris Watson & Bj Nilsen

CD – Touch
The shrill, worried seagulls’ clamor before the storm, a natural but at the same time alien sound sequence, a signal of an important climatic change, amplified by the faithful recording of the events. Chris Watson, member of Cabaret Voltaire and Hafler Trio, is listening the tides breaking over the cliffs, the rain and the wind together with Bj Nilsen (aka Hazard and member of Janitor). A couple of researchers that composed also ‘Wind’ and ‘Land’, released by Ash International and Touch in 2001. This is the same period, more or less, of the ‘Storm’ recordings. These were made following different stormy fronts, breaking out in the North Sea and Scandinavia. Each of the two members recorded on different coasts, mainly using good omnidirectional microphones. An interesting work for its own ‘immersive’ quality, related to events that it’s not banal to see live, then edited and mixed in Stockholm, five years after, with the best conceivable mastery.