Various Artists – City2City

Various Artists

dvd video – Lowave – EDV 1394
The invisible geometry of the urban landscape has pervaded every inhabited space. The feeling of being into a full scale model of a recursive pattern of concrete, asphalt, glass and steel is becoming frequent. And the abstraction of the network of streets, with its history and content, seem to already entered our senses well beyond the Google Maps various implementations. Ten artists has been collected here, all of them applying the Koyaanisqatsi paradigm, and embedding it into digital recording and cutting tools. The ‘matrix of the outside’ is then seen through train and home windows with fixed and moving camera. This ‘cinematography of the metropolis’ includes in the end not only the usual people swarming pictures, but also a constant dichotomy between two or more basic perceptive categories: silence/noise, moving/static, perspective/texture, time/speed/slowness, street/underground/roof, light/shadows and so on. Visual planes finally intersect themselves, laying out shapes in sequence while shaking out our ancestral rudiments in what a ‘city’ is. And what lies in between the lines is to compose a geography of the everyday.