The Sleeping Moustache

Various Artists, The Sleeping Moustache

CD – The Helen Scarsdale Agency
This is a collaborative project by M. S. Waldron, Steven Stapleton, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Jim Haynes and R. K. Faulhaber, extremely homogeneous in its nonetheless different abstractions, brilliantly expressed in articulated sequences of experimental electronica. There are five longer tracks(around ten minutes) and five shorter tracks, juxtaposed according to a perfect long-short alternation. Stylistic hyperboles, dissonances, audio-abuse, only ideally connected to dada-surrealist influences in its artwork, with a certain logic reminiscent of collages and extreme mixes, which are poetically relevant precisely for their unlikely use and exploration of concepts apparently very far apart. A pervading restless minimalism, with ethereal sounds, accelerations, ‘cranks’ and ‘glitches’, a psychoactive mix which doesn’t neglect refined passages enriched by drones, field recordings and complex melancholic sounds.