Achim Wollscheid – Resolving Interactions

Achim Wollscheid

book – Selektion – ISBN 3934801021
Resolving Interactions is an interactive computer-light installation that codes interaction with art as a daily experience in a place meant for a different purpose, as the workspace. The abstract simple light-behaviours calculated by the machine are describing past and future walking patterns by peoplepassing by the installation space. This book documents a first failed attempt and the definitive one with notes and reflections that added to the production process. As the artists states: “our behaviour changes when we feel we are being watched”, and applying this concept to pictures: “only those who feel watched by them will watch carefully.” It’s the classic antropomorphic stimulus, or the search for life in inanimated objects. The ethereal relationship that is established between the watcher (that supposes to be watched) and the temporary animated object is an ancestral and instictive one. The suddenly changed amount of light, one of our primary recognizable signs, is indicating a presence, and the noise that can be generated by a substantial number of persons at the same time have to be carefully filtered by the system design (showed in real-time by a flat monitor, perfectly integrated on the sidewall). This intangible light response seem to permeate the office daily activity, staying there and revealing its presence, in the end, as a familiar virtual entity.