Various Artists – Montreal Sound Matter


CD – Pogus

This is a project that started with a workshop curated by Francisco Lopez, which features eight artists active in the fields of sampling and field recordings, especially in inner spaces, who try to extract a collective sound out of single elaborations through discussions and collective decisions. Fragments of metropolitan areas (Montreal), not specifically “localized” with geographical characterizations, to stress that the sound DNA of urban spaces can be interpreted in many ways. Thus, the result stays within the bounds of an abstract common perception, where public and private spaces complete each other, giving rise to uncommon qualities of creativity and participation. We feel it’s right to list all the artists who participated to this project, aside from Francisco Lopez: Aimé Dontigny, Louis Dufort, Chantal Dumas, Steve Heimbecker, Mathieu Lévesque, Thomas Phillip and Hélène Prévost.