Rolf & Fonky / Scott Pagano – To Care

Rolf & Fonky / Scott Pagano

CD – Persistencebit Records – bit013
Software has broken the concept of video as a flowing unity, transforming it in a an artificial visual ecosystem. Scott Pagano, curator of the Reline dvd series is the director of this video collection made with the Rolf & Fonky techno duo. In every video emerges his own attitude: structuring a complex and dynamic mixture of sources. Not a simple merging, but a detailed architecture, where the single images are dissected and dynamically recombinated. The intertwining of visual levels enable a new sensation of depth on bidimensional screens. This remarkable aim is reached through a constant hiding and / or disveiling of different elements, that highlight for a while or quickly moves in the background shadows. Some of the oneiric plots matches perfectly the techno patterns of the music. This is enhancing the director’s alchemy that intersects compatible moving layers, always leaving recognizable traces of the elements involved. His unique software engine support him in being an architect of video, with the pure skills of enabling a tangible harmony in these resulting dancing parts of the screen, moving in different directions.