Robert Hampson + Steven Hess

Robert Hampson, Steven Hess, S/T, Crouton, roberthampson_st.jpg

CD – Crouton
Abstract, very delicate but still rigorous electronic constructions by Robert Hampton and Steven Hess, refined experimenters now with Crouton after many releases for Sub Rosa, Mort Aux Vaches, Earache, Mute, Mosz and an endless number of other labels. Only four tracks, inside an equally elegant transparent box which contains a 3-inches CD extended to the normal CD size with plastic. Tangled sounds, strongly characterized by the rhythmical nature of Steven Hess’, a drummer who’s very good at filling the acoustic (and mind) spaces created by his colleague. Just 19 minutes, but they are enough to convince us of the ability and coherence of those two “drummers/laptoppers”.