Gintas K – Lengvai/60 x One Minute Audio Colours Of 2kHz Sound

Gintas K, Lengvai

2CD – Crónica
From Lithuania, via Crónica Electronica (Portugal), comes a double CD that’s explosive in its articulations of refined experimental sequences, minimal and abstract. It’s an incursion in post-techno territories by Gintas Kraptavicius, aka Gintas K, coherent and systematic in its structures, which aren’t immune from noise-industrial influences. In “Lengvai”, subdivided into five tracks, the rich harmonies flood us with their dynamics in highly fluctuating vibrations with a synthetic attitude. Wave envelopes, effects, clicks and glitches which sometimes flow together into thick rhythmic moments. “60 x One Minute Audio Colours”, recorded at a frequency of 2kHz, insists experimentally on ethereal but pressing infinitesimal variations. Absolute microsounds, acoustic substance for extreme and radical audio experiences.