Gabriel Paiuk/Jason Kahn – Breathings

Gabriel Paiuk, Jason Kahn

CD – Cut

Recorded in Gabriel Paiuk’s home studio, in Buenos Aires, on November 30, 2004, “Breathings” marks the encounter of two different, but not too far apart, sensitivities: the “improvising” one of Gabriel, an eclectic musician who can use both traditional and electronic instruments, this time just the piano, and the equally experimental, but perhaps more minimal, of Jason Kahn with his computer, who also adds metallic percussions. Nine tracks, a very coherent album which mixes laptop music techniques, microsounds and digital digressions with delicate neo-modern avant-garde elaborations. It may not please everybody, but his magic is easily decryptable by an uninitiated audience, too. The artwork, designed by Jason Kahn himself, is wonderfully elegant, too.