Various Artists

dvd + dvd rom – Arteleku / Fundacion Rodriguez – ISBN 8479074868
Tester is a network emboding the very meaning of being a cultural network nowadays. Not caring too much about the infrastructure, always dynamic and open, the different members are establishing relationships that interconnect very different backgrounds and locations. The strenght of a network like this lies in its common genes (in this case the radical political approach to decode reality and produce art) and its basic distant geographical roots (Slovenja, Germany, South Africa, Peru, Spain/Basque Country, Austria). They build up a platform on which the different parts of the world cultural resistance are shared and confronted through works of art and texts of the respective authors (sixty different ones contributing here). Everyone of them became another active node increasing the total number of nodes and the consequent ramifications, in a virtuous expansions of connecting alliances. This double dvd is a good companion to the Tester book recently published and contains six hours of video art, a huge archive of copyleft texts and even the entire above-mentioned book in pdf form.