Mieke Gerritzen – Beautiful World

dvd video

All Media Production / Bis Publishers ISBN 9063691289
In the realm of images, Mieke Gerritzen is still composing her graphic appealing texts. After many different books and catalogues, this is the first attempt to animate her style of short sentences, slogan and compressed manifesto that used to catch the attention of the paper reader. Helvetica font and bright colors have moved from the two dimensional static page to the illusory planes of the screeen, unfolding, rolling, shifting or squeezing, but in the end always reflecting the conceptual passages. The transition effects become the semantic trait d’union between concepts. On the other end signs are at center of the stage, perfectly displaced in every moment and quitely screaming in the spectators’ mind. Sometimes letters are dancing to switch meanings, animated through the sequence, emboding the real dynamic of the message. The soundtrack, in the end, is mixed in a number of different moods, from solemn to lounge, resulting as the alter ego of colours, and providing the final ingredient for this radical feast for the eyes.