Francisco Lopez – Untitled # 164

Francisco Lopez

CD – Unsounds
This is a work commissioned in 2004 by the Bruxelles Argos Festival, 73 minutes long, a single track whose first, feeble sound is heard after 52 seconds, very gloomy atmospheres, rarefied but intense, with a careful editing of the recordings made in thebelgian capital city, with the participation of TRMX, Johan Vandermaelen, Martiens Go Home and Building Transmissions. The sound substrate one could expect from urban environments is almost never heard; it looks like they’re not looking for an environmental specificness. The material transcends an analytical approach, preferring a more intimate story, made of silences, spatiality and background frequencies. It’s a subdued code, as if the city had imploded and everybody’s ‘resonances’ had become a private matter. It’s a fascinating work, difficult to decipher, a sound project that, once again, casts this artist as one of the most interesting in the experimental electronic scenes.