(edited by) Betti Marenko – DiY Survival

(edited by) Betti Marenko

c6.org – ISBN 0955066492
There are roots in the most respected printed zine tradition (even back to the Whole Earth Catalogue) of printing handbooks made out of smart tricks and theories to subvert the ordinary daily life, collecting popular knowledge, hacker spirit and common sense evilly used. This is one of the most recent examples, with a similar graphic design (reminding the punk aesthetic) but printed with the waste-free techiniques of print-on-demand. The hacktivism here is sometimes intended as single acts, like the “senseless act of you beauty” defined by Stewart Home many years ago, and sometimes intended as smart hacks of the system. Compiled after a public call on some focused mailing list, it’s an interesting collection of new and old very different practices from around the world. Effective, funny, and even a little bit pretentious, it represents the interesting bits of information and the open contradictions of today’s performative radical media art.