ART FID [F]original, Authenticity as consensual hallucination


It’s open till July 16th the personal exhibition of the seminal group übermorgen, at Hartware MedienKunstVerein – Phoenix Halle in Dortmund (Germany). The works are made on the concept of RFID, including an interactive installation consisting consisting of a stylized conveyor belt, several large-format pixel paintings (with deconstructed images of cows with rfid chips) and a mass of RFID tags. This fits in the recent [F]originals (“to forge original”) series of the group, that has always dealt with the creation of cultural viruses and with the challenging of the ‘original’ concept related to machine generated documents. This conceptual black hole in our contemporary culture has been exploited by the group in different works, but they are pushing it even further, questioning the very basic of electronic representation of reality. Due to the combination of dissected, almost abstract, visual elements and the organic instinctive fear triggered by the technologies of control, the exhibited works are another wound opened in the body of our contemporary future.