Various Artists – Incidental Amplifications

Various Artists

CD – Room40
Intrinsic presences of the urban landscape, fictitious sounds penetrate our existences, a melting pot of environments, technologies, human natures and frequencies. During the last few years, as an expression of a sociology closely tied and slave to the powers, we saw a lot of unlikely attempts to redesign the auditive environments. ‘Muzak’ theories have only been partially successful in their task to decorate cities and the consumer society, with elaborations that now look risible in the total and consensual exaltation of their own delusions. Thus, the very experimental interpretations of these artists (Chris Watson, Terre Thaemlitz, Domenico Sciajno and others) look interesting. Starting from incidental amplifications through performances and installations in Brisbane, Australia in June and July 2005, they sparked new reflections on this theme. Their works incorporate ‘enriched’ field recordings, space abstractions or more machinic sequences together with sound fragments of the surrounding landscape.