John Hegre & Maja Ratkje – Ballads

John Hegre & Maja Ratkje

CD – Dekorder / Risonanza Magnetica
This release is a tangled amalgamation of micro-sounds, impromptu sequences and very lean effects together with modulated effects, dissonances and sparse vocal elements. John Hegre & Maja Ratkje’s ‘ballads’ are captivating in their articulated mastery of abstraction,minimalism and experimental attitude. The background is made of intimate and oblique melodies, iterated guitar chords, north-European spleen, fascinating in its absence of emphasis, in the chilling tranquility of endless days. Just eight tracks, composed between 2004 and 2005, a great album that, in its final track, focuses its more markedly evocative connotations, at the crossroad of different stylistic attitudes, without succumbing to mannerism.