Howard Stelzer, Giuseppe Ielasi – Brombron 08: Night Life

Howard Stelzer

CD – Korm Plastics / Demos
Lean guitar elaborations, drones, field recordings and samples, experimental electronica of improvised character in this meeting of two musicians who worked a lot with unusual sounds and who, in this release, follow the ideal guidelines of the Brombron project byFrans De Waard and Extrapool, a collaborative ensemble that often proposed live cinema experiences, instant music and performing art. It’s an album with no weak points, every track is made in a very equilibrated way, the result of the union of technical skill, attention to novelty, and the ability to renew themselves. The package, too, is remarkable: one of those packages that, if unfolded, requires half a day to understand how to fold it back. We already knew it: with avant-gardes one has to have a lot of time to waste.