Scatole Sonore / Impro Ensemble

Scatole Sonore

CD – Idroscalodischi / L’antascorrevole
This is an improvised set recorded in December 2005 during the first edition of the Scatole Sonore festival at the Rialto Sant’Ambrogio in Rome. The artists are Logoplasm, Dr. Who, Anofele and Maath, all of them very active experimenters in the electronica-experimental scene based in Rome, collected together in an interesting coral interpretation after performing separately in the early evening. Organized by Idroscalodischi and the Associazione Culturale L’Antascorrevole, the goal of this meeting is to become a container of interference-collaboration events between artists, spaces and creative situations in the field of musical and artistic research. There’s no better occasion than this, with an audience conceptually and emotionally prepared to non-conventional atmospheres, to show off fluid sequences and real-time confidence, both contained in this CD-R, the first act of a collaboration that will surely last.