Rlw – I.k.k. Purpur


CD – Sirr
This project by Ralf Wehowsky is inspired by an eighteenth-century Christmas song, ‘Ihr Kinderlein Kommet’ (chrildren come here). It’s an elaboration of old recordings, heavily manipulated to extract sounds and tonal modulations. The procedure is free-form, and ituses noisy sounds instead of real notes, selecting the material made available by other experimenters in the ‘collaborative’ way so typical of these music scenes. In addition to Wehowsky himself, who wrote the first and last track (together with Johannes Frisch and Bhob Rainey), there are Dan Warburton, Andrew Deutsch, Chris Halliwell, Strotter Inst. and Stephen Vitello. Those artists show a remarkable mastery in building fascinating atmospheres, moving between improvisation and electronic research, turntablistic manipulations and modified frequencies.