Piemonte Share Festival, Limitless.

Piemonte Share Festival

The second edition of the Piemonte Share Festival is taking place from 8th to 12th March at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, under the general topic of ‘Limitless’. After the 2005 edition focused on the cultural fluxes induced by the electronic media, this time the selection seem to be more edge-oriented, facing, for example, the man-machine border in the Borderline section, the various shades of audio and video cutup in the Un-Limited Cinema program, or the different and articulated critic codes in Radical Software. Other sections are dedicated to the different electronic art expressions from Slovenia, to the connective architecture described by Derrik De Kerckhove, to the historical research of Wikiartpedia, and to the Google auto-cannibalism presented in Google Will Eat Itself. So, an improved content cohesion characterizes a program that avoiding the infinite fluttering into immaterial utopia make rooms for network practices keep both feet on the ground, as the bookcrossing, or the series of reflections on daily practices.