Phreaking Out Your iPod.

Phreaking Out Your iPod

Even if they are close to their own end because of wireless technologies as the cellular and voice-over-IP ones, the public phones are still present in the urban scenario, always heaven-sent or used if the occasion arises. The phreaker cultural tradition has always considered public phones for what they are: an access door to an estranged spacial dimension, the tele/communication one, claiming it back as a right for the individual, and firmly opposing the concept of ‘pay service’, applied by the different governments form the beginning considering it a voluptuous one. The numberless techniques devised to trick the automated paying system (coins or cards) has lead to the strengthen of some standards as the (forbidden) blue boxes that use the sound to make the machine believe that some coins were inserted. Thus the iPod, an absolute symbol of mobile sound outward appearance, has been chosen by t0mMaC to embody again a red/blue/green box, letting it also play the different tones during the call (tone dialer). The project Phreaking Out Your iPod consists of a mere text file, an ‘how to’, that conceptually transforms the Apple design shining in a obscure illegal light, even using the same standard features for sound reproduction.