Legendary connections, Net.Art 1995-2005

by Luca Lampo

Ready-made, ISBN 9984953807 On the tenth anniversary of the birth of net.art autodecretata (the point is essential), have multiplied initiatives and 'commemorations' that looking back they tried to historicize the phenomenon with different perspectives. And if a 'legend' was born the very definition of net art, this exhibition seems to represent a point of arrival, which since the early days are retraced in sequence a number of 'classic'. In a compendium that does not pretend to be all-inclusive offers you a roundup of sensational experiences, where some of the strands in the network autogeneratisi of the artists of the network are then contextualized regardless of the developments achieved over time. Overall, then, while trying to provide a conceptual meaning to a term which has always been problematic to try to give their definitions, are also embraced practices derived, such as software art, or induced, such as the various performances inspired by the machine and the its rules of operation. For this as a series of famous icons scroll through the names pluricelebrati, while the exhibition, which has a strong historical flavor, it seems almost close a loop to pray for one another.