In Praise of piracy, Dal Corsaro Nero hackers top ten stories of creative rebellion

Carlo Gubitosa

Terre di mezzo, ISBN 8889385375 The concept of 'piracy' has long been abused by the media in its negative sense against those who illegally duplicated information protected by copyright. In Italy, in fact, since the dawn of personal computing the term 'pirate' has been linked to illegal copies of proprietary software, additandone makers as parasites of the economy that was creating. Later the same term was used for any infringement of copyright, trying to propagate the criminalization of exchange and not for profit. This text intelligently through many other parallel paths in which the 'normal' fully legal expression is exceeded at the foot of the creativity that upsets the system because it undermines the rules sopitamente acquired. Not only telestreet, Matching networks, patents and free software, but also stamps' creative 'and remixing video not allowed to build a' manifesto 'of individual rights a bit' boomy, throughout the utopia that is focused, but shared in the spirit. The outlook described, in fact, are imbued with a social reorganization that, although radical to the point of sometimes be punishable by law, it is fully understandable by common sense, and therefore, in a sense revolutionary.